Conservative Republican Candidate for State Representative, District 24
Green, LaRue, and Marion Counties

Melanie Wells Photography

Melanie Wells Photography
The Commonwealth needs a strong voice for the working people, small business owners, and farmers in our counties. I am asking for your support so I can become that voice.

There are forces in Frankfort who want to raise taxes. This is wrong. Kentucky needs new jobs. Not new taxes.

I hope you agree and will help me with my mission.
Alex LaRue Supports the House Republicans' Handshake with Kentucky

As your Republican representative to the legislature, I am committed to the Handshake with Kentucky proposed by the House Republican Caucus. Honest deals are made with a firm handshake. If the people of Kentucky entrust the Republicans with the majority, we will focus on these goals:

Create Jobs and Economic Opportunities – These should be the top priorities of the 2015 General Assembly. We must ensure government does not stand in the way of Kentucky's existing businesses. We will also create an environment desirable for new businesses to begin or locate in Kentucky.

Control Wasteful Spending – The House Democrat leadership in Frankfort recently proposed the largest level of debt in Kentucky's history. We must focus on high priority investments that improve education and workforce preparation to support job growth without leaving our children with crippling debt.

End Corruption in the Kentucky House of Representatives – Democrats have held the majority in the House of Representatives since 1921. During that time, an atmosphere that breeds corruption and misconduct has grown out of control.

Stand Up to Obamacare Mandates – Kentucky cannot afford the unprecedented expansion of our Medicaid system mandated through Obamacare. House Republicans are prepared to take action to do what we can to repeal this expansion before it plummets our state into crippling debt.

Take Action on Other Crucial Issues, so that fair, honest and transparent debate can begin and that these issues can be fully vetted before the 2016 General Assembly.

Click here to read or print the entire
Handshake with Kentucky
document in PDF format.

Alex LaRue at the LaRue County GOP Chili Supper

Top row from left: Alex LaRue, Hodgenville City Council member and State Representative candidate; LaRue County Magistrate Ricky Whitlock. Front row: Jeremy Hinton, Hinton's Orchards; LaRue County Judge Executive Tommy Turner; and United States Congressman Brett Guthrie.

Alex LaRue speaking at the 2014 LaRue County GOP Lincoln Dinner

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